Precision Technology Supplies are one of the largest distributors of stainless steel fasteners in Europe. We have huge stocks of self tapping screws to DIN and ISO specifications from just 2.2mm (No.2 gauge) to 8.0mm (No.16 gauge) including most non-standard lengths. Buy them here now online.

Self Tappers (also known as Sheet metal screws) are essentially screws that can tap their own hole as they are driven into it. They are used extensively in plastics and thin sheet metal such as aluminium. The size of the pilot hole, which is helpful but not mandatory, depends on the thickness of the material being screwed into. Tapping Screws work best for thin sheet metal because the screw design, which is coarse and pitched at an angle, has the effect of pulling the metal tightly to the head. For applications involving thicker sheet metal over 1mm, a self drilling screw (also known as Tek screw) is advisable.

Several head designs, ranging from Pozi, Phillips, Slotted, Torx (Hexalobular), Hex and Socket are all available and important to suit specific applications. We have a large range of blunt point tappers which have been found to work very well in plastics as an alternative to plastite screws or our screws for plastics range.

For hardwood applications or decking, our range of woodscrews and decking screws are advisable, whilst for chipboard applications our extensive range of chipboard screws are recommended.

PTS have the largest range of tapping screws in Europe. However, if you can't find the item you're looking for then please contact us on +44 (0) 1342 410758 or email us at