Philidas Turret Self Locking Nuts

The design concept of the Philidas Turret Nut is similar to that of the universally adopted Philidas Industrial Nut where the locking function is provided by a slotted collar, or turret, section above the hexagon. Whilst both types of nuts have two slots, those on the Turret Nut are positioned one above the other. The metal above these slots is set to depitch the threads such that when the nut is tightened on to a bolt the thread is gripped on the flank - the point at which it is designed to take the thrust.

The all-metal Philidas Turret Nut is suitable for use in high or low temperature conditions, and the locking performance is unaffected by oil, petrol or other liquids and vapours. It is easily assembled with hand or power tools, and will lock effectively either to a face or unsupported. A minimum protrusion of two bolt threads is recommended.

Summary of benefits: Lower prevailing torque than Industrial Nut; higher re-usability; if required, can be fitted to a male thread, locking element end first.